A Step By Step Guidance For Canon TS3122 Wireless Printer

Canon Pixma TS3122 is an all-in-one wireless inkjet printer. This printer helps you not only in printing but you can also copy and scan your documents with it. The Crossbeard Ink system is an attractive feature of this printer model and the resolution of this printer is 4800X1200 DPI. 

This printer can be connected both wired and wirelessly. It offers remote printing with the Apple AirPrint and the Google Cloud Print. With the help of this printer, you can print borderless photos up to 5”*7” size. It has Rear Paper Support and that helps you to refill papers quickly. 

You can easily print from your mobile devices with the help of the Canon Print App. In this printer, you will find Quiet Mode that helps you to print without disturbing others. To enjoy all these features, first, you need to know the Canon TS3122 setup procedure. 

Canon Pixma TS3122 Setup: Steps to Follow

  1. Initially, go to the Notification Area to open the icon for the network connection. 
  2. After that, go to the wireless network option and then select “Connect”. 
  3. Click on the Network name that you want to use. 
  4. Then, go to “Context Menu” and click on the View Connection Properties option. 
  5. Go to the Show Character option and then enter the proper details like Encryption Type, Security Type, and the Network Security Type. After that, select Cancel. 
  6. Go to the backside of the router to locate a “Numbered Port’. Connect a USB cable between the port and the printer.
  7. Now, click on the Windows-Q key and then go to the Search bar to enter “IJ Network Tool”. 
  8. From the displayed results, click on the “IJ Network Tool” option. 
  9. Next, your printer needs to turn on and then select the Update option. 
  10. Then, choose the name of your printer and followed by the Configuration option. 
  11. Go to Wireless LAN and fill the access point name you use. 
  12. Go to the Search Results and click on the network that you use. Then, select the “Set” option. 
  13. Next, go to the “Encryption Method” drop-down menu and click on the preferred security protocol (WPA, WPA2 OR WEP). 
  14. Select the Configuration option and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up a security key. 
  15. Now all the windows need to be closed. Then put papers in the paper tray. 
  16. Go to the Menu button and then click on Device Settings. 
  17. Select the “LAN Settings” option with the help of the Directional Pad. Then, tap on the OK button. 
  18. Then, click on the “Print Lan Details” option with the help of the Directional Pad. 
  19. Finally, select OK. 

Hopefully, these steps will help you set up the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Mentioned below are some questions and their answers frequently asked by the users of the Canon Pixma TS3122 printer.

  1. How do you set up the Canon TS3122 printer wirelessly? 

Ans: Following the steps below, you will be able to set up the canon printer wirelessly. 

  • At first, check whether the printer is turned on or not.  
  • After that, navigate to the top of the printer and then tap and hold the Wi-Fi button. 
  • When the Alarm lamp flashes, you need to release the button. 
  • Then, check the lamp next to the button starts flashing blue or not. 
  • Thereafter, navigate to the access point and then tap on the WPS button within a few minutes. 
  1. How do you reset the Canon printer to factory settings? 

Ans: If you want to reset the Canon printer to its factory settings, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • First, the printer needs to be turned on. 
  • Then, locate the menu. 
  • Go to the Setup menu with the help of the directional arrows. 
  • Now, navigate to the Device Settings option and then click on OK. 
  • Finally, you need to begin the process. For that, go to the Reset Settings option and then tap on OK. 
  1. How do you connect your printer to your iPhone? 

Ans: With the help of the Apple AirPrint, you can connect the printer to your iPhone. To do so, perform the following steps properly. 

  • Initially, connect to the wireless connection. In order to use the Airprint, connect the printer and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network. 
  • Now, click on the printer name on your iPhone followed by the number of copies. 
  • Lastly, click on Print.