All recent models of Canon printer including MG2900 is enabled with the wireless setup. It is designed to operate over wireless networks. Wireless printers receive all your printing commands from a laptop or computer via a WiFi connection. Once you carry out the Canon MG2900 setup properly, it will make your printing job prompt, smooth, efficient, and convenient.

However, the setup for modern wireless printers is more complex than their predecessors. So, you need to install them carefully. Since an incorrect or faulty set up can cause unnecessary printer troubles. Here, we’ll discuss how to set up a Canon Pixma MG2900 printer.

Learn How to Setup a Canon Pixma MG2900 Printer

Setting up a wireless printer is crucial to ensure its smooth functioning. So, after you get one make sure to set it properly. Canon MG2900 wireless printer comes with a user manual to guide you with the setup process. But, it might not be helpful for you if you are not a tech-savvy user. Hence, we have come up with a systematic setup guide. 

Now, the complete setup for any wireless printer involves three steps:

  • Initial setup of the printer
  • Configuration on a wireless connection
  • Download and installation of the printer driver

Correct execution of all these steps will ensure that your printer begins to function properly. We will walk you through a detailed discussion of each step for your convenience.

Initial Setup

This is the first step that you must follow after you get your Canon printer in hand. Here’s what you must do:

Step 1

Begin by breaking off the seal of the package. Take out the Canon MG2900 device and verify whether all the printer’s accessories are present in the package. You can take help from the manual to identify which accessories and external components come with this particular Canon printer. 

Note: Usually, a Canon printer comes with a toner, a cartridge, a drum unit, a CD-ROM and a power cable.

Step 2

Now, place the Canon printer on a flat surface. Thereafter, carefully insert the ink cartridge in its place and put back the top cover. Make sure to install the drum unit and the toner properly. For this, you might need to refer to the user manual guide of the device. 

Step 3

Now, you have to insert papers in the paper tray. You must ensure that you’re using a good quality paper that is compatible with your Canon MG2900 printer. 

Any fault while positioning the paper in the tray might lead to a printer jam. Now, connect the power cord and switch on the printing machine.

Wireless Setup

Once you’re done with the initial setup, proceed to connect the machine over a wireless connection. Before you begin, note the network name or SSID and the Security Key for your wireless network. Now, follow these steps to easily carry out Canon MG2900 wireless setup:

Step 1

At first, place the Canon printer and the router close to each other. Try to remove all obstructions between the two devices. Now, turn on your Canon printer. Press the ‘Settings’ button on the printer. Using the arrow keys, navigate to the ‘Device Settings’ option. Next, click on the OK button. 

Step 2

Now, use the arrow keys to find and select the ‘LAN Settings’ option. Press the OK button to proceed to the next step. Thereafter, go to the ‘Wireless LAN Setup’ and press OK. This will prompt your Canon device to search for all wireless networks available around it. 

Step 3

In case the printer takes too long to detect a wireless network connection, click the ‘Stop’ option. This will make the printer go back to the ‘Wireless LAN Setup’ or choose the ‘Standard Setup’ option. Now, click on the OK button. 

Step 4

Your printer will display the names of the available wireless networks. So, choose your network and tap the OK button. Now, you’ll be asked to provide the Security Key or Encryption Key. This is basically the password of your WiFi connection. 

After entering it, click ‘OK’. When your Canon device gets successfully connected to WiF, it will display a ‘Connected’ message on the screen.

Driver Installation

The last and final step for setting up Canon MG 2900 is to download and install the printer driver. It is the software that controls and manages all the operations of this printer. But, before you install the driver, make sure the printer is off. 

Also, check that your Operating System and the driver are compatible with each other. Here’s what you must do to download and install the driver:

Step 1

Visit the support website for the Canon printer and search for the driver of your model. Download the same on your computer. Now, insert the CD-ROM in the drive that came with your printer. Thereafter, double-click on the disk image of the file that you downloaded. 

Step 2

Now, double-click on the ‘PrinterDriver_XXX_YYY.pkg’ option. Here ‘XXX’ refers to the model name and ‘YYY’ is the version. Follow the on-screen instructions to start the installation process. Click ‘Continue’ on the Software License Agreement to proceed with the installation process. 

Note: In case, you do not accept the license agreement you cannot proceed with the installation procedures.

Step 3

If you have the desired location where you wish to install the driver, then click on ‘Continue’.Now, click on the ‘Install’ button. An authentication page will now appear on your screen. Here, you’ll have to put the name and the password of the Administrator. Next, click on ‘Install Software’. 

Step 4

Finally, when the entire installation process is complete you’ll receive a message. Click on the ‘Close’ button. After this, your Canon printer driver will be installed.

When you perform all the above three steps, your Canon MG2900 printer will be ready for printing. 

To sum up, setting up a wireless printer is quite a simple task. However, you need to perform each step carefully. We hope that this systematic guide on Canon MG2900 setup will prove to be helpful for you.