How To Connect Canon Printer To WiFi

Canon Pixma MG3620 is one of the best all-in-one printers that allows its users to connect their devices by using a WiFi network. So, if you are planning to buy a printer, then this can be the right choice for you. To start printing, it is necessary to connect the Canon MG3620 printer to WiFi.

The setup process basically includes a few steps that should be performed by the users properly. So, now start to configure your printer wirelessly.

Connect Canon MG3620 Printer to WiFi Through Control Panel:

Connecting your Canon printer to Wifi is quite an easy method that includes a few steps as follows.

  • First of all, you have to press down the WiFi key that is located at the back of the printer. Keep pressing the button until the green LED starts to glow.
  • After that, tap on the Color button and click on the WiFi button.
  • Now, check if the WiFi light blinks or not.
  • Install the appropriate driver and software on your device and proceed with the wireless setup process.
  • After that, look at the CD drive part and insert the installation disc.
  • At that time, the setup process will start automatically.
  • You will see that an installation message is showing on the display.
  • Just click on the Exit option to complete the setup process.
  • Finally, try to print and check if printing is done properly or not.

How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi? Alternative Way

At first, press the Power key and let your Canon printer turn on. After that, click on the Settings button. Now, tap on the arrow button, navigate to the Device Settings icon and click on it. Select OK and again press the arrow key.

Choose the Wireless LAN Setup option and once more tap on OK. Now, your Canon printer is looking for the WiFi network automatically and the lights start to blink. In case the process is taking too much time, then tap on the Stop icon and navigate to the Wireless LAN Setup. Click on OK and find the WiFi network.

If needed, then you should enter the password and again click on OK. When you see “Connected” on the display, then it indicates that you have set up your printer correctly.

Add Wireless Canon Printer to your Computer

Once you have connected your printer with WiFi, it’s time to add your computer with your Canon printer to get it to work.

At the initial step, press the Windows and R simultaneously and open the Dialog box. After that, click on the search box and type control/name Microsoft.DevicesAndPrinters in it. Then, press the OK option.

After that, tap on the Add a printer icon and go through the processes displaying on the screen. Finally, start printing.

Hope the above procedures will help you to connect the Canon printer to WiFi.

Frequently Asked Question:

How do I Reset my Canon MG3620 WiFi?

If you want to reset the network settings, then press and hold the Stop key. Once the Alarm lamp flashes twenty-one times, release the Stop button. The reset can be done.