Most of the Canon printer users are encountering the problem of error code 5100.  Hence the usual question upcoming is regarding how to fix canon printer error code 5100. In this article, we will assist you in how to get away from this issue.

The indications that your device has encountered the error code 5100 are listed below-

  1. Ink tanks are not appropriately placed.
  2. The papers get stuck, or there is a chance of an object present inside the printer.
  3. The encoder strip is not clean.

These are the indications that the device has encountered error code 5100.

Many users are facing this issue quite often. The primary focus of this error code is that the ink cartridge has some problems. Consistently something has recently executed the cartridge carriage.

Therefore, basically error code 5100 is a cartridge issue that can be mended by using cleaning the printheads too.

Canon Printer Error Code 5100

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5100?

Here is a list of easy and quick hacks that will help you to fix your issue.

  • Check the printer.
  • Find out if an object got stuck inside or not.
  • Be careful while performing this method.
  • Do not forget to switch off the printer and plug out it.
  • Strips to be cleaned. The encoder film or the piece should be appropriately cleaned.
  • Adjust the ink cartridges, place the ink tanks accurately.
  • To fix the cartridges, power off the printer and plug in again.
  • You need to press the restart or on/off button
  • Lift the printer cover and you can the cartridges will automatically move to the left.
  • Close the lid of the printer and further lift both the ink cartridges.
  • Now plug in the power cable again.
  • A message will pop up on your screen ” replace the cartridges”
  • After replacing them, power off again.
  • after switch it back, your issue should be solved.

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