How To Change Canon MG2500 Ink Cartridge | A Step-By-Step Guidance

If you need to replace the Canon MG2500 ink cartridge, then, first, you need to install the printer properly. That will help you to make it work with the printer. If you try to avoid possible printer problems, then you need to change the ink cartridge properly. 

Canon MG2500 uses a fine PG245 black ink cartridge. It has a built-in mechanical printhead and that makes it different from other Canon ink cartridges. Hence, you need to handle it separately and correctly. 

If you are not aware of how to change ink in the Canon MG2500, then you can go through the steps mentioned below. 

How to Change Ink in Canon MG250: Easy Tips & Tricks to Implement 

With the help of the below-mentioned steps, you will easily change ink in the Canon MG2500. 

  1. At first, open the front cover of the printer and look for the ink cartridge compartment. 
  2. Now, you need to remove the empty ink cartridge. To do that, push it down the cartridge lever.  
  3. Then, disable the new replacement ink cartridge. After that, detach the seal. You should not leave the cartridge unsealed in order to prevent the ink from getting dried. 
  4. Next, insert the new cartridges and check if it is placed appropriately. 
  5. Sometimes, you might find that both the cartridges need replacement. Thus, you need to follow the same procedure.
  6. Finally, cover the lid perfectly. Then, run it to test printing. 

How to Replace the Fine Ink Cartridges? Instant Procedures

Sometimes, you might want to replace a FINE ink cartridge. You need to pay extra attention to the printer’s printhead while carrying out this process. Now, let us follow the hacks listed below: 

  1. You should not touch the electrical parts of the cartridge with your bare hands. Never touch the printhead nozzle of the cartridge. 
  2. Check whether you left your printer open or not. At the time of installing the cartridges, you should not open the lid as the nozzles can dry up. Further, the ink will get clogged. 
  3. At the time of printing, you should not hold or stop the cartridge. If you force the cartridge to stop, then it can damage the printer and the cartridge also. 

Hopefully, applying the above solutions appropriately might help you to change ink in the Canon MG2500 without any hassle. 

Frequently Asked Queries Related to Canon MG2500 Printer

  1. How to take out the ink cartridges of a Canon Printer?

    If you want to take the ink out of a Canon printer, then go through the steps cited below: 

    • At first, switch on the Canon printer and then open the front cover. 
    • After that, open the paper output cover to empty the FINE cartridges until it clicks. When it clicks, at that time you will hear an electronic sound twice. 
    • Then, remove the FINE cartridge and unbox a new FINE cartridge. 
    • After that, gently remove the protective tape. 
    • Navigate to the FINE cartridge holder to insert the new cartridge. 
    • Then, launch the FINE cartridge firmly until placed properly. 
    • Finally, close the paper output cover.  
  2. How do you remove old ink cartridges?

    Here are the steps that you need to follow to remove the old ink cartridges. 

    • Initially, turn on the printer and then open the top cover of the printer. 
    • Now, wait for a few minutes until the cartridges move to the right side of the printer. 
    • Select the old ink cartridge and then move it out of the cartridge. 
    • Now, remove the ink cartridge from its packaging. Then, remove the protective tape from the ink cartridge and pull the pink tab. 
    • Now, hold the ink cartridges and then close the top cover.
  3. How do you override the Canon printer ink has run out Message?

    To override the Canon printer “ink has run out” message, then go through the steps that are mentioned below. 

    • First, tap and hold the “Resume” button for at least five seconds. 
    • Sometimes you might not find the Resume button on your Canon printer, then you need to tap and hold the OK button. You can press and hold the “Cancel” button also. 
    • You should hold the button until you find that the light on your printer stops flashing. 
    • When you find the message associated “ink level” has disappeared, then release the button.