To utilize its unique and useful features, a correct canon ix6800 wireless setup is necessary. This signifies that the machine should be connected to the WiFi in order to work properly.

How to Setup Canon IX6800 Wirelessly?

The setup can be done through WPS Connection Method and the Standard Standard Connection Method. To perform any of the above, you need to connect the power cord to the power supply outlet and then turn on the printer.

Also, one should make sure that their access point has a WPS button. If not, then they need to follow the Standard Connection Method. Apart from that, they should use WPA or WPA 2 security protocol. 

WPS Connection Method

Press and hold the WiFi button located on the front part of the printer until the white light on the power lamp flashes once. Release it as soon as it does.

Once the button starts flashing blue light, go to the access point and then press the WPS button within 2 minutes.

On the other hand, the blue light on the printer will keep flashing and will search for/connect to the access point.

After a successful connection with the printer, the blue light will stop flashing and become steady.

Network Settings Confirmation

Now, if you want to check whether the printer is connected to the wireless network successfully or not, print your printer’s network settings by following the steps below.

  • Ensure that the printer is on.
  • Insert an A4 size paper and then press/ hold the Resume or Cancel button. The power lamp will flash 6 times, once it does release the button. This will print the information page for you.

While referring to the printout, examine if the Connection is Active and the SSID is displayed correctly.

Standard Connection Method

Insert the CD that came with the printer into the CD-Drive of your PC and then run the setup as appearing on the screen.

However, if the “Setup CD-ROM” does not run itself, insert the CD into the computer again and then click on My Computer. Open the contents of the CD and then click twice on MSETUP4.EXE.

Once you see the initial screen, click on Next. Go to Network Connection and then select Wireless connection from the options.

Your printer should be turned on throughout the process and the white power lamp should be lit. Click on Next. 

Again, click on Connect to the Network and then on Cableless setup. Hold the WiFi button on the printer unless the power lamp flashes twice and release it on the second flash. Click on Next.

All this time, the blue WiFi lamp should flash quickly and the white power lamp should be steadily lit. Click on Next. Now a “Setting up” window will appear on your screen.

Following that, you will be prompted to enter your region. Make sure to provide it and then press Next. Again, when asked for language, enter your preferred language and click on Next.

Select the software which you want to install from the displayed options and then click on Next again. Agree to the License Agreement by clicking on Yes, once it appears on your screen. 

Also, once the Install Wizard Processes window appears, click on Next. If the printer did not get detected, click on Redetect to search for the printer again. To check if the printer is connected with your wireless network successfully, print your printer’s network settings by following the steps given below.

  • Ensure that the printer is On.
  • Insert an A4 size paper within the tray and then press and hold the Resume or Cancel button until the white power lamp flashed 6 times. Once it does, release the button.
  • This will print the network configuration page for you.

The network name or SSID will appear on box 1 while the IP address will appear on box 2.

If none of them appear on the printout, restart the installation process.

After a successful Cableless setup, a screen will appear stating your printer model and SSID of WiFi. Click on Complete.

If you see a Print Head Alignment Recommended window appearing, click on Next. You will see a Setup Complete window on your screen, click on Next.

To register the printer, click on Next. You can also perform this registration later through Quick Menu Software. Click Cancel if you want to do so.

To participate in the Extended Survey Program, click on Agree. Otherwise, click on Do Not Agree.

Lastly, click on Exit to end the installation. This should complete the Wireless setup of Canon ix6800.