Canon IP7220 is a wireless photo printer that is configured to produce ultimate beautiful photos with a maximum resolution of 9600 * 2400 DPI. It also provides five individual ink tanks.

The inbuilt Auto Duplex printing also allows the users to print both the side of the paper automatically. This undoubtedly reduces paper usage.

Have you bought this printer but don’t have any idea how to set up and configure it? If you are not aware of the Canon IP7220 wireless setup procedure, then take a look below.

Canon Pixma IP7220 Wireless Setup: Steps to Follow

Here is a step-by-step guide to start the Canon IP7220 wireless setup process.

Step 1- Prepare for Connection

Before starting the wireless configuration ensure that the Canon IP7220 is powered on. If the power lamp is lit, that means the power is on.

Also, note that your device is connected to the access point where you want to connect the printer. 

Keep in mind, the configuration, router function, as well as the security settings of the network, that totally depends on the system environment. Apart from that, check if the machine supports Canon IP7220 or Canon IP7220.

In case, the device is configured to the Canon IP7220 mode, then, you can not use WEP or TKIP as a security protocol. Hence, it is recommended to change the security protocol other than WEP and TKIP. 

However, if you want to use the printer for the office purpose, then talk with the Network Administrator. 

Take extra precautions while connecting to a network that is not protected with the security measures. Because there is a risk of disclosing valuable data, such as your personal information.

The ad-hoc connection that establishes a direct connection to a device over the wireless connection is not supported without the access point. So, prepare an access point.

Step 2- Connection Through WPS

Now, when you are ready to press the button on the access point, then press and hold the Wi-Fi button of the Canon IP7220 printer. 

Also, make sure that the blue Wi-Fi lamp flashes quickly and the power lamp should be in the solid-stage. Furthermore, press and hold the button of the access point for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Make sure that the Wi-Fi lamp, as well as the power lamp, are lit. Now the Canon IP7220 wireless setup process is completed.

Canon IP7220 is a premium photo printer. You can also play your favorite HD movie clips into the photos. So, if you want to configure your Canon IP7220 wireless printer on your own, then apply the above steps one after one.